Complex processing of geodetic measurements


Version 3.4

Processing of geodetic networks without redundant measurements (without adjustment). Project name is shown in a title bar of the main window. EasyNET Demo can process 7 network points.

Version 3.3

New icon set. Coordinate sequence XYZ and YXZ. Matrix inversion optimized – more stable adjustment. New string sorting (according to string length). Colored status bar. Export to AutoCAD DXF. Epoch measurement export (adjusted network data import to EasyNET Analyser software).

Version 3.2

Measurement mirroring method – simulation of measurements in opposite positions (even with axis errors of a total station).

Version 3.1

New software documentation (in Czech). Data import protocol. “Transformation with adjustment” method optimized – more stable adjustment. New graphical output export formats (PNG, BMP, JPEG). Searching and selection by attributes. Quick browsing of marked records in spreadsheets. Mass editing of input measurements. Slope distance reduction – sea level settings extended.

Version 3.0

Network adjustment process optimized – processing of a geodetic networks with high number of measurement values. Software functionality significantly extended.

Version 2.2

Transformation with adjustment – spreadsheet of residuals of adjusted coordintes of identical points.

Version 2.0

New a priory analysis of geodetic network (internal and external network accuracy). Transformation of adjusted coordinates of geodetic network points. Project support (all measurements and user settings in one file).

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